Character Update

After a long weekend of helping out at the family homestead we are back, and we’ve finally finished our Robot!
photo 3-2

We are super excited. Everything seems to be working properly, and we think he will move quite well! This was a very new experience for us, we definitely learned a lot.

photo 1-2

Skye is almost done with the monster girl. The only thing missing is the skin for her legs. Skye has been taking some time to think about the best way to go about it. We have decided on using painted felt. Once we finish that up, I will post up some photos of that process and her completed little self.

photo 1

The other day I built the forest set! I am really excited about the results. It’s so great to have all of the ideas in our heads come to fruition. It is the most satisfying experience. Skye is currently working on some backdrops for the sets.
Here is a sneak peak.
photo 2-1
A side note- That little storefront has nothing to do with our stop-motion, it’s just something Skye’s grandpa gave her. They sure look cute next to it though. If you look really close you might see a hint of what’s coming next, sets that will knock your socks off! Ka-Pow!

Stay tuned!


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