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Character Update

After a long weekend of helping out at the family homestead we are back, and we’ve finally finished our Robot!
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We are super excited. Everything seems to be working properly, and we think he will move quite well! This was a very new experience for us, we definitely learned a lot.

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Skye is almost done with the monster girl. The only thing missing is the skin for her legs. Skye has been taking some time to think about the best way to go about it. We have decided on using painted felt. Once we finish that up, I will post up some photos of that process and her completed little self.

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The other day I built the forest set! I am really excited about the results. It’s so great to have all of the ideas in our heads come to fruition. It is the most satisfying experience. Skye is currently working on some backdrops for the sets.
Here is a sneak peak.
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A side note- That little storefront has nothing to do with our stop-motion, it’s just something Skye’s grandpa gave her. They sure look cute next to it though. If you look really close you might see a hint of what’s coming next, sets that will knock your socks off! Ka-Pow!

Stay tuned!


Little by Little



Here are some more pictures of our character process.  Skye’s beautiful handiwork with our Monster-lady. Best part of working with my wife is she can do pretty much anything. I’m her little apprentice in this whole thing.



And here is me hoping he’s going to be standing straight before i went any further with J.B. welding. In fact, we ended up learning a good lesson from it. I accidentally  snapped one of the joints. The JB weld wasn’t as strong as we thought it would be. We realized the thin layer that was on the joint needed to be thicker. Also, for reinforcement, we wrapped a wire around the copper and steel that held them in place. It helped a lot with getting the joints to bend where we will need them to when we start filming.


And Away We Go!

In the first post you got to see the story boarding process we went through. Josh had a basic idea for what he wanted. Two characters and a simple plot. Skye and I took that and ran with it. It was a cool concept he was going for, and a truly amazing song. We sat in our little space and listened to the song over and over again, trying get an idea of the environment that it had already created. What we saw was dark and mysterious. The unknown. The unseen.

Having come up with our story, it was now time to bring it to life. We had such interesting characters to work with. We really wanted to steer clear of clay animation. We felt like it would not capture accurately the atmosphere and reality of the song. Instead we are trying our own approach to our characters and set design.

For our lovely little robot friend; we are using copper, steel, JB weld, wood, and various other metals.


It took a lot of arranging, taping, JB welding, and plain waiting. Lots of waiting. And believe me this guy got impatient.

Our monster lady would consist of a double wrapped steel wire skeleton. Skye then sewed together a body. She also made beautiful horns out of clay. Up close they look like mini croissants.



We are so close to being done with our characters. It took a lot longer then we would have hoped, but we are learning so much. Sometimes we have to fail if we are going to learn anything.

Photos of them complete soon!

After that, set design!

Stay tuned!


The Story Board!

Stop-Motion Animation!

We are very excited to start showcasing our work in blog form! Right now we are in the process of making a music video for our friend Oscar Goldman. He is a Hip-Hop artist based out of the Bay Area in California. This is a really huge opportunity for us, and we are ready to take on the challenge.  Follow this page and wander into our little worlds.

Oscar Goldman Music